Cant use templates

  • What is this?

  • Bruh I have the exact same problem I justreached out to him yesterday.

  • Anybody get any fixes for this im stuck on this Auto-Tune Evo vst that vst dose not exist i have all antares vst and thats not one of them?

  • Hi family

    im new to making music but my question is:

    If I buy the vocal template for Ableton,

    would I still need waves plugin? 

  • Hi guys. I ran into the same problem you are talking about. However, I'm most interested in visual content. By the way, I recently saw s vector It looks very unusual and entertaining. Now this marketplace is a place of my inspiration, and I have already used these images, videos and even music in my projects more than once. I fully trust the authors and professionals of this platform, because even global brands turn to them for help in implementing the most interesting ideas.

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